Sunday, August 3, 2014

Flowers and Vegetables Update

I am battling septoria/leaf spot, but hoping these make it. These are the 15 year tomatoes.

The girls enjoying some mac & cheese...


Marigolds in the garden


l-r Gloriosa daisies, Hopi Red amaranth, Black Eyed Susans

Snake skin in the garden

Sunflowers behind the chicken coop

1st Evening Sun sunflower

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Tomatoes are starting to come in! But, I'm also battling leaf spot. I've had to cut out big chunks of tomato plants and hope it doesn't spread further.

Paul Robeson tomato

Hopi Red Amaranth, Black Eyed Susan and Gloriosa Daisies

Evening Sun sunflowers are getting huge, no blooms yet

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1st Harvest!

I harvested these yesterday! 

2 Jaune Flamme tomatoes (salad size) and a handful of Green Arrow peas

Jaune Flamme tomatoes are an orange heirloom from France. They are about 4 oz, salad size, sweet with a bit of a zing. Pretty tasty! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Garden Layout 2014

Not to scale layout of the garden this year. Bell peppers still have to get a bit bigger, then they will go in yet. Green beans are not in yet. 

Squash plot -
Black Krim       Indigo Rose (purchased
Black Krim       Lemon Balm
Green Arrow Peas

Walkway -
3  Paul Robeson

Pepper Bed - 
Eva's Purple Ball    Sage   Eva's Purple Ball
Eva's Purple Ball              Eva's Purple Ball
Crimson Rhubarb Victoria Rhubarb Victoria Rhubarb

New bed - 
Green beans on east and south border
15 year   15 year   15 year
Blueray Blueberry   Quarter Century   Quarter Century
Bluecrop Blueberry   San Marzano Bush   San Marzano Bush   Bell Pepper   Bell Pepper
Jersey Blueberry   Jaune Flamme   Jaune Flamme   Bell Pepper   Bell Pepper

Total of 19 tomato plants, planted 5/20

Also sowed Evening Sun sunflowers behind chicken coop.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chickens In The Garden

Yesterday was a beautiful day (today too, but it's windy). I let the girls out in their grazing pen and Jon and I moved them over to the garden to get to work. They had so much fun digging through the straw, leaves and newspaper from last year. I might not even till this section... might just plant right in it. I want to extend this bed, which will have to be tilled, of course. Also, I want to add composted manure. Hmm... might have to till the existing bed after all... 

The bluebirds are back. Well, actually they never left. This is the female of the pair that made their home in the wall of our three-seasons room last year. She sat there nicely while I took pictures. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

15 Year Tomato Seedlings

Planted 3/10/14
Sprouted 3/18/14

Today 3/23/14 (yes, they are leggy)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Winter Sown Container List

Sown 3/21/14 using Schultz potting mix, all marked with numbers in paint/grease pen

1. 15 year tomato (4 seeds) - sprouted 4/14/14
2. Jaune Flamme tomato (4 seeds) - sprouted 4/14/14
3. San Marzano Bush tomato (4 seeds) - sprouted 4/14/14
4. Red, Orange, Yellow Bell Pepper (3 seeds) - sprouted 4/21/14
5. Red, Orange, Yellow Bell Pepper (3 seeds) - sprouted 4/14/14
6. Paul Roberson tomato (4 seeds) - sprouted 4/21/14
7. Quarter Century tomato (4 seeds) - sprouted 4/21/14
8. Eva Purple Ball tomato (4 seeds) - sprouted 4/21/14
9. Slavic Masterpiece tomato (rare) (4 seeds) (did not sprout) One did sprout at the end of June and was planted!
10. Red Pear Abruzzese tomato (4 seeds) (did not sprout)
11. Black Eye Susan - sprouted 4/21/14
12. Black Krim tomato (4 seeds) - sprouted 4/21/14.
13. Bluebonnets - sprouted 4/11/14
14. Hopi Red Dye Amaranth - sprouted 4/11/14
15. Pink Coneflower - sprouted 4/14/14
16. Gloriosa Daisy - sprouted 4/14/14

Tomatoes opened 5/10/14

3/30/14 -

Lett 1 - Lettuce blend - sprouted 4/08/14, harvested 4/6/14
Spin SH 1 - Spinach (space hybrid) - sprouted 4/11/14, harvested 4/6/14
Spin SS 1 - Spinach (salad select) - sprouted 4/10/14


MY - Yellow Marigolds
MO - Orange Marigolds
Z - Zinnias
L - Lettuce blend
C - Columbine

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