Tuesday, October 25, 2011


First - the girls:

Teeny tiny egg found over the weekend, next to what I've been getting:

and a Lace close up:

And... Connor got an early Christmas present from Grandma B (Jon's mom)!

He asked the chickens if they wanted to ride in the tractor... they declined.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Cold!

We had to break down and turn the heat on the other day. It was 50 in the house, it was time. I just hate it because that means our electric/gas bill goes sky high.

I closed the chicken's window today and secured it for the winter. It's on the south side, which should be fine, except with how our property is, we get most of the bitter winter wind from that side. It's weird, but we have trees on three sides and it just whirlwinds around. You can see snow tornados when the wind kicks up in the field.

Right now, I'm getting one egg every other day. I've had a few that are soft shelled and had to be tossed. By the time the other two start laying, it'll be winter when they naturally slow down...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Egg Details :)

My first! Laid yesterday. I locked them up last night in the dark and somehow didn't step on it. I found it this morning before I let them out. I'm assuming it's from my Rhode Island Red, Ruby, who was hatched on Mother's Day... so she's what, 22 weeks? I found another egg on their perch, but it was a soft shell and was cracked. I don't know if she's just been busy, or if one of my other two are laying. Lace is a Brahma, Goldie is a Buff Orp, both supposed to be a month older than Ruby, but I think Goldie is younger. She's just now not sounding like a baby chick.

Wordless Wednesday - My First Egg!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Our newest additions... a Red Haven peach tree and Bing cherry tree. I will need to get another sweet cherry later on to pollinate the Bing. I'd like to get apple trees also.

Connor loves to play on the tractor with Daddy!

And chickens!

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