Monday, July 1, 2013

Garden Update 7/1/13

As always, click on the picture to make it bigger.

The monster acorn squash is seriously starting to take over everything in plot 1. 

I took some welded wire and created a barrier. I hope it stands. The welded wire came with the house, so no cost there. The poles are bamboo sticks that I purchased last year. I think they were around $5?

Now you can see the mini bell pepper and eggplant! 

Had to create a path for it. I'll be mowing around it soon.

Let me out!! 

Had to protect the rhubarb too!

The watermelon is finally getting bigger.

The poor, pathetic peach tree has a name.
I posted pics of it to a gardening group on Facebook and someone commented that it looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. 

Charlie just got a new support. Poor tree looks like she's in bondage.


First  chocolate bell pepper!

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