Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Garden Layout 2014

Not to scale layout of the garden this year. Bell peppers still have to get a bit bigger, then they will go in yet. Green beans are not in yet. 

Squash plot -
Black Krim       Indigo Rose (purchased
Black Krim       Lemon Balm
Green Arrow Peas

Walkway -
3  Paul Robeson

Pepper Bed - 
Eva's Purple Ball    Sage   Eva's Purple Ball
Eva's Purple Ball              Eva's Purple Ball
Crimson Rhubarb Victoria Rhubarb Victoria Rhubarb

New bed - 
Green beans on east and south border
15 year   15 year   15 year
Blueray Blueberry   Quarter Century   Quarter Century
Bluecrop Blueberry   San Marzano Bush   San Marzano Bush   Bell Pepper   Bell Pepper
Jersey Blueberry   Jaune Flamme   Jaune Flamme   Bell Pepper   Bell Pepper

Total of 19 tomato plants, planted 5/20

Also sowed Evening Sun sunflowers behind chicken coop.

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