Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Canning Plans 2013

1. JAMS Only do small batches. The jam I made last year isn't being eaten fast enough. Only Connor and I eat it, and I'm trying to cut back on sugar.

2. ZUCCHINI RELISH Again, small batches... I'm the only one who eats it and I still have like 7 jars left.

3. TOMATO Make tomato jam instead of ketchup. The flavor is better and it's more versatile. It doesn't set like jam.

4. COWBOY CANDY Make some batches without seeds.

5. PRESSURE CANNING! Get brave enough to try it :)

Garden Plans 2013

Ok, I'm going to try to keep everything on this post.

1. ZUCCHINI Plant fewer zucchini. 3-4 instead of 7. 2012 had way to much zucchini. I also made enough zucchini relish to feed a small army and I'm the only one who eats it...

2. JUST SAY NO No pole beans, no corn, no cherry tomatoes, no banana peppers, no pumpkins.

3. TOMATOES Space tomatoes better. Keep to 2-3 varieties only. Black Krim are a must. Maybe do a beefsteak or other slicer. It doesn't make sense to can sauce when it's so cheap to buy.

4. JALAPENOS Plant fewer jalapenos. The Cowboy Candy was a hit, but only a few of us eat it. Cage jalapenos when they are little.

5. PEPPERS Look into other varieties of bell peppers, like orange.

6. MULCH Can't do cocoa mulch this year. It worked well, but now we have a puppy who will eat mulch and cocoa mulch is dangerous to dogs. Maybe newspaper?

7. BERRIES Figure out a place to put blueberry bushes and maybe a blackberry bush that will be out of the way if we ever get horses again. I don't want to have to relocate 5 year old berry bushes.

8. RHUBARB See Berries

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