The Chickens

Sutton, Speckled Sussex.

She is somewhat flighty, but very opinionated about being the first one out of the coop in the morning. 

Thea, Appenzeller
THE Appenzeller, hence, Thea

Thea was an accidental addition to my flock. All of my chickens have come from a friend who has a decent sized operation. I was keeping an open spot for a much-wanted Aroucana/Americana/blue egg layer. However, one day, I got a phone call. Thea was the lone survivor of a dog attack. All of the other hens in her pen had been killed. She had stitches and antibiotics from the vet. Her owner couldn't put her back in her flock because she had been given Baytril. Baytril is not approved for meat/egg birds, but it is a very strong, effective antibiotic. 

Instead of putting her down, her owner asked if I would give her a good home. She lays white eggs, so she'd be a perfect addition to my brown egg laying flock. Recent studies have shown that Baytril leaves the body after 2 weeks. We do eat her eggs now, almost a year after her ordeal. 

Thea is the clown of the group. She is 3 years old. Instead of making the normal chicken sounds, she laughs and chortles. It is the funniest thing! We just love her little top hat too! 

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