Thursday, April 26, 2012

Garden Plans

I'm going to have to scale back my garden plans a bit, I think. Tight budgets will do that! My one chocolate party this month was rescheduled for next month due to uncontrollable circumstances so I haven't had any money coming in. I need to save some money for my college reunion next month - hotel, gas and food on Sunday...

Here's a rough plan:

2 Blueberry bushes - $4.88 each - $9.76
2 Blackberry bushes - $4.88 each - $9.76

1 Allstar Strawberry - $2.98 each - $2.98
1 Ozark Beauty Strawberry - $2.98 each - $2.98

3 Jalapenos - $1 each - $3 (provided I can still get them at this price when I'm ready in a few weeks)
1 Gypsy sweet pepper - $2.98 each - $2.98
1 Yellow Bell Pepper - $2.98 each - $2.98
1 Red Bell Pepper - $2.98 each - $2.98
(Tomatoes of some sort, various prices)

Herbs for the butterfly garden pots
1 Lemon Thyme - $3.38 each - $3.38
1 Boxwood Basil - $3.38 each - $3.38
1 Chocolate Mint - $3.38 each - $3.38

Seeds $1-3/packet, 1 packet each
Sweet Corn

So I'm looking at roughly $50-ish without tomatoes. I know I can get tomato plants for fairly cheap. I may skip the strawberries and just get a bucket from the local farm stand. Maybe we'll just take Connor and pick our own. I think a bucket of already picked is around $12-14 and so sweet.

I thought I had a lead on rhubarb plants, but it turned out to be burdock. I haven't seen rhubarb crowns anywhere. I'd love to have rhubarb...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

And then there was one.

Unfortunately, Lace did not make it. She passed sometime last night/this morning in the nest box. We buried her not too far from Goldie. I guess that's going to be my pet cemetary/memorial site...

This really sucks because she was doing better yesterday. She was standing up all the way and walking a bit more. Ruby is being quite skittish and vocal today. Poor girl.

In a few weeks, I am going to pick up three chicks. Most likely a Barred Rock and two Easter Eggers. Hopefully Ruby does ok on her own until then...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sicky Chicky and New Grazing Pen

My Lace Brahma, Lace, is sick. No clue what the problem is. It's been going on for the last 3-4 days. She is still eating and drinking. No sign of mites or lice, I wormed 2 days ago. She lays down most of the time. She isn't flying out of the coop anymore, now she uses the ladder. I've been giving them scrambled eggs and plain yogurt and she's eating that. I started Poly-Vi-Sol today. It's actually an infant liquid vitamin that can be given to chickens. If nothing else, it won't hurt her. Ruby stuck her beak into the mix and got some too.

Completed pen. I only purchased the chicken wire. We used 2x3s that we already had and 2 2x4s. This is NOT a predator proof pen and isn't meant to be. I plan on using it only when they can be supervised. It's 70 inches long, 36 inches wide high and 40 inches wide.

Ruby sticking her beak in.

This is how Lace lays most of the time now. When she does move, it's very slow.

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