Monday, January 30, 2012

House 2012?

We (with help) did quite a bit to our house in 2011.

- New bathroom floor
- New bathroom paint
- Re-stained outside of 3-seasons room
- Painted garage trim
- Finally burned our leaf/stick pile
- Re-caulked living room window
- Cleared out butterfly garden
- Added two fruit trees
- Built chicken coop from scrap material
- Repurposed dog kennel to chicken pen

This year, if money allows (haha...) in addition to the flower & veggie garden, I'd like to:

- Add another dog kennel to the chicken pen for a limited grass-time area
- Paint living room - change from the gold-tinged color
- Paint kitchen - keep it white, just needs new paint

And for a "big" project...

Basement Re-do.

We had a mildew problem in 2011 because we did not have a dehumidifier running. We plan on purchasing another one before spring hits and hopefully that will take care of the problem.

When you come down the stairs, there is a small area with a storage shelf, my chest freezer, and a storage rack with Tupperware. To the right, we have a walk-out that has my husband's desk (mini-office), rabbit pen and spare twin bed. To the left, we have the enclosed pantry, laundry area, and an empty area that has a dresser, cabinet with more Tupperware. We have a full bathroom down there, and open storage under the stairs. Also more storage in the room next to the laundry area with the sump pump, heater, etc.

The walk-out side is painted white with a painted tan cement floor. The rest of the basement has a combo of wood, orange paint and white paint on the walls, with a garage type floor paint. The basement is waterproofed. We've been told that the one family completely re-did the basement, then had a foot of water, lost all of their work and had to have it waterproofed. We've (knock-on-wood) never had standing water in the basement.

I'd like to...

- Repaint the walk-out side floor. Some of the paint is peeling off and it looks bad.
- Fix up a better area for my husband's mini-office.
- Fresh coat of white paint for the walk-out side walls.
- Maybe move the bed to the second floor. The other guest bed area is up there, it would make sense.
- Paint the orange walls... maybe a light blue? Something brighter.
- Change the lighting for... well, more light.
- Re-do the laundry area. Add a folding area/table.
- Create a play-area for Connor, probably on the laundry room side.
       - Need flooring
- Create a work-out area, also on the laundry side so I can keep an eye on him and keep him out of daddy's hair.
       - Need flooring
- Figure out something for the rest of the walk-out... Maybe a rug with a couch, tv set-up. A family area.

Yeah... so not much... maybe this should be a 2012-2015 plan...
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