Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sprinkles and Splash

I picked up two chicks from my friend today. They are 8-ish weeks old (waiting to hear exactly how old).

This is Splash. She's a Speckled Sussex. She was sexed at the hatchery.

The black and white one should be a Plymouth Barred Rock pullet. She was part of a "bin clean out" mystery batch. The hatcheries sometimes offer a mystery group when they have extras. Her name is Sprinkles. I'm hoping she is a she! I'll have to get better pics tomorrow. If she is a he, he will be going back and we'll switch out another. I cannot have a rooster here.

Ruby was fairly accepting of them. This was Sprinkles' first time outside ever! When I went to lock them up for the night, they were hiding under the sawhorse. They came running and cheeping when they saw me. I had to put them in the coop. They'll get the hang of it eventually!

I hope Sprinkles isn't going to be a problem... She scaled the pen wall and if it hadn't been netted at the top, she would have been out. Later on, I saw her on the bottom shelf of the sawhorse, then on top, eyeing the top of the pen!

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