Saturday, May 4, 2013

Garden and Baby?

We've had an ongoing problem with a pesky woodpecker digging holes in our 3-seasons room. My husband closed up a big hole in the fall, and over the winter, Woody opened it back up. Before Jon could get it filled in again, I spotted a bluebird flying out of it. Crap.

He was able to check it out today. Yep, there is a tiny blue egg in there. I looked up some info on Eastern Bluebirds and they love spots like that. If this hatch is successful, I want to put up actual nest boxes for them next year. Bluebirds are supposed to be great for insect control.

I am checking out a new greenhouse this year. They are about a mile from the house and start everything from seed themselves. According to their Facebook page, they have heirloom tomatoes for $1.37/pack of 4. I don't need 4 of any of them, so I may try to sell or give away the others. OR I could just plant what I buy and either set up a small roadside stand or give away the extras. I will need lots to can and it takes a lot of tomatoes to make sauce.

I have it narrowed down to:

Heinz 1370, Italian Giant Beefsteak, Abe Lincoln, Black Krim and Box Car Willie

Jalapenos, Melrose, Chocolate Beauty Bell, Orange Blaze Bell and maybe one red or green bell

Zucchini (only 2 this year), eggplant, and a friend wants to put in a watermelon. 
Radish (to go to seed to protect against squash bugs)

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