Thursday, June 6, 2013

Garden Update: June 3rd

We added three bales of straw to the garden beds (except for the bean bed).
Preen was also spread before the straw was added.

First tomato blossoms (Box Car Willie)

Baby acorn squash! 

However... I discovered that I am still very allergic to straw.
I did an internship at a horse breeding farm in 2001 and could not be in the barns when they were cleaning the stalls. I would start wheezing, could feel my airways closing, got itchy, etc. It was bad enough that it was diagnosed "straw-induced asthma". I had to take allergy pills and use an inhaler.

Yeah, happened this time too, even with an allergy pill. Just shaking flakes out into the beds.

When I came in, I showered and just left  my clothes in the laundry basket.

The next morning, I could barely breathe. I threw the clothes in the wash and vacuumed the bedroom. I started feeling better almost immediately. 


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