Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coop Building - Day 6

Quite a bit has been done on the chicken coop and it's almost ready to go. I have a second coat of paint on the exterior and might still have to do another. I have to do at least two more coats on the inside. The window is in and screened with hardware cloth. I need to find bird netting for the kennel cover and then we'll be ready to go.

The roost will have to be moved. It's not even 2 inches from the back wall and it's supposed to be 12-18 inches.

Not bad for $3 paint from Habitat for Humanity ReStore! I love the trim color. It's Sherwin Williams Wool Skein. The red is Sherwin Williams Rookwood Red.

I'm most likely picking up the "girls" on Thursday. I'm getting three from someone I met on Backyard Chicken. I will leave a spot open for when I find an Easter Egger. I *need* a chicken that lays blue eggs :)
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