Saturday, November 30, 2013

Apple Trees - Garden 2014

After trying some of the apples at the local orchard, I've decided on a few I'd like for my orchard. I did tear out the pathetic peach tree this fall. It had no chance of standing on it's own and was not growing. It had no center branch and only one side branch.

I still have to figure out where I want the orchard to go. I need to leave space open for if I ever get horses again or my husband lets me get goats. Although they don't need the entire pasture. We now have a fire pit behind the chicken coop, so can't go there. I could put them along the tree line, then they won't block the view of the farm field. We like open spaces...

Ok, so I'd like to do:

September Wonder Fuji, aka Jubilee Fuji
Ripens mid-September, can get dwarf (8-10 ft)

Shizuka, Shizuka
Ripens early October, can get semi-dwarf (10-15 ft)
pollinated by September Wonder, cannot pollinate others
Golden Delicious cross. "Perfect for apple salad. Fruit is juicy, large and firm with low acidity--and it’s slow to brown when cut. Stores well into early spring after fall harvest."

Sweet Sixteen
Ripens mid-September
pollinated by and pollinator for September Wonder
"Rosy red, crisp, juicy and sweet. Perfect fresh or baked into pies, crisps and cobblers. Fans say it has a hint of vanilla flavor. Apples are medium-to-large and store well. Withstands subzero temperatures yet very vigorous and bears heavily."

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